Antique and distressed wood flooring options are becoming more and more popular. With a growing number of home owners wanting a design or style with a story to tell or a heritage behind them, antique and reclaimed wood flooring ticks all the boxes. Without question, antique and reclaimed wood flooring are both truly authentic flooring options which come with a guarantee of no environmental footprint (especially important for property owners who are looking for eco-friendly options with no impact on the environment, something which is very close to our heart) and often having the added attraction of a bit of a story to tell.

Antique distressed flooring will not fit every property type; it works well in interiors that are part of an older home and are more vintage and rustic in style, however it will also suit contemporary homes with mix of new and old styles.

New antique distressed flooring is simply new floor that undergone the process of ageing so it looks like an old floor. In recent years demand for vintage flooring increased dramatically and popularity of reclaimed wood flooring spiralled. But limited supply of genuine and old antique flooring pushed its prices up and customers started to turn to cheaper, mechanically distressed floors which are equally beautiful and long lasting.

If you’re looking for an antique or reclaimed wooden floor and are being blocked either because you can’t find what you’re looking for, or your budget won’t stretch to fulfilling your flooring dreams, an alternative might be to consider new wood flooring that has been aged and, or distressed. Aged and, or distressed flooring is new flooring which has been (artificially) made to take on the same look or appearance of an antique or reclaimed wooden floor. In fact, ageing and distressing methods are now so good, that if you shop around carefully, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between this option and the real thing.